President Obama Says Racism And Homophobia Come From The Same Mindset

August 10, 2015

I am very busy working on a few blogs but in until I have time, I leave you with these inspiring words of Obama Barack:
“You can’t, on the one hand, complain when somebody else does that to you, and then you’re doing it to somebody else,” the president pointed out. “You can’t do it. There’s got to be some consistency to how you think about these issues. And that’s going to be up to young people — because old people get stuck in their ways.”

Read the full article by Jean Ann Esselink here >>



  1. Obama also believes in abortions. As Baha’is we believe life begins at conception. So I wouldn’t use him as an example of a moral figure who supports the gay lifestyle.

    • Here is another rule from me Dr J, I will not allow any more comments from you to appear on my blog where you use the phrase “the gay lifestyle” – To me this is homophobic because it is clear to me that you using the phrase to put down gays and lesbians. I will no longer tolerate this form of put down or insult from you. There are ways to use this phrase so it does not read as an insult, but, for you, this is my rule.

      Re: your comment on abortion, I have written a blog in response which is here: https://justabahai.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/abortion-is-not-absolutely-forbidden/

    • As a Bahai, you also believe that torture is ok (burning an arsonist and execution of murderers), that gays should be punished, that women are equal (except for the chance to serve on the highest office of Bahai administration), that copper turns into gold after so many years and that every planet has its own creatures. So really what your literalist type of Bahai believes really doesn’t mean diddly squat. It’s just a bunch of fairy tales you tell yourself to make yourself feel better about yourself Dr J. 🙂

    • Pey just bear in mind that I am as much a Bahai as Dr J is and I don’t believe that gays should be punished. I believe that Baha’u’llah aimed to create a religion where people think for themselves and act responsibly.

  2. Yeah right….he complains about human rights abuses but drops bombs on innocent civilians with drone strikes and has denied other innocent civilians their human rights by keeping them locked up in Guantanamo Bay prison. Like a lot of folks nowadays he seems more concerned about LGBT rights than other human rights so where is his moral consistency? Like most politicians it’s too sides of the mouth: complaining about terrorist attacks but perpetrating terror against innocent babies and children!!!

  3. Almost 2,500 Now Killed by Covert US Drone Strikes Since Obama Inauguration Six Years Ago: http://www.commondreams.org/news/2015/02/02/almost-2500-now-killed-covert-us-drone-strikes-obama-inauguration-six-years-ago

    Civilians reported killed: 416-959
    Children reported killed: 168-204
    Oh shucks, what’s a little collateral damage? They don’t have a powerful LGBT or NRA lobby in the US funding political campaigns and working hard on their behalf. Who cares right?

  4. I am not going to respond to your rant against Obama Barack, I see these Republican types of rants all the time which to my view, is playing party politics. The atrocities should not be used like this. And so I am not going to buy into a debate on the rights or wrongs of a Democrat President, or is the fact that he is an African American, the reason that you want to ignore the good things he is doing and focus on what he has inherited as part of the U.S. presidency?

  5. I don’t care of you respond (though you did by implying I’m racist!)
    If you are going to talk about moral consistency and human rights for LGBT you cannot ignore his immoral actions re drone strikes. Where are the human rights of the victims? This would be applicable to anyone, Republican or Democrat!

    • The reason I made the reference to racism JamesB is because I am surprised at the anti-Barack rhetoric, and just to quote your last comment: “cannot ignore his immoral actions.” I prefer to focus on the good he is going while it seems, you prefer to show what are according to you “his immoral actions” – You are free to do this just as I am free to focus on the progressive, but I am not being morally inconsistent in doing this.
      RE: the drones, yes, they sometimes kill the innocent and I agree justice should prevail, but, if this is your argument (your rant was mostly directed against President Obama, hence my assumption that you are against all of his policies) then look at broader picture. Do the drones save lives? Is there a just system for accountability? I don’t know and I don’t have time to investigate this but I am not convinced by a rant against President Obama as argumentation.

  6. justabahai I agree 100% with your zero tolerance for homophobic comments. This is why I am absolutely appalled at your imputing racism to someone for criticizing POTUS drone policy affecting innocent civilians when JamesB made no derogatory comment about POTUS himself. You owe him an apology! No one can criticize human rights policy inconsistencies without being racist? His criticism would be just as valid if it were former POTUS Bush speaking up for human rights in one area while invading Iraq and killing innocent civilians there.

    • I asked the question, Homa because of the personal attack on the character of President Obama. And I do apologize to JamesB if his intent is not to create some slur against the character of President Obama and therefore to dismiss everything he is doing. It sounds to me as if both of you seem to think he is a bad President. I beg to differ. I think he has done a lot of good. And of course, this does not mean that he should not be accountable for his actions. How can all his actions be the correct ones. No one is perfect.

  7. Dr j am not allowing your two other comments through because I consider this spam. I see no point in a pasting of links of stories of Christians who claim to no longer be gay or lesbian. I suggest you save these stories for your own blog.

    • Censorship of evidence which supports the Baha’i pro heterosexual lifestyle view, while carefully looking for evidence to support your own non Baha’i pro homosexual lifestyle views. Hey that makes perfect sense to me. Selective perception, only see “evidence which supports your views” while blinding yourself to any contrary evidence.

    • Dr J if people wanted to post articles from the Sun, I wouldn’t allow them through either. For non-UK residents, the Sun is a newspaper full of sensationalist articles.

  8. When did I attack President Obama’s character? All I did was to point out that it is not morally consistent to champion LGBT human rights when you are killing innocent children and babies in drone strikes. This is not a character attack but a legitimate objective observation re moral consistency. I point this out and it is a “rant”? What on earth does it have to do with his race? I am just as upset about Bush/Cheney invading Iraq which was an illegal war widely condemned by many countries.
    It does not mean that I don’t think Obama hasn’t done a lot of good for the economy and in other areas. It just seems to me that politicians focus excessively on topics (call me cynical) related to lobby groups that fund their campaigns (like the NRA and guns).
    Speaking of lobbying, not that I support it, but why is polygamy still illegal in the US when same-sex unions aren’t? Isn’t it it because they have not done as effective a job as the LGBT lobby? If marriage is based on love solely what is wrong with the polygamous family (and many others like them) featured in The Sister Wives TV series compared to same-sex and heterosexual unions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sister_Wives The typical double standards!

  9. justabahai is up for anything that falls within his distorted interpretation of what Baha’is ought to believe, he can’t obey the institutions of our Faith which say clearly only heterosexual marriage or relationships is morally right.

  10. In America, quoting a politician on one side of the aisle will automatically offend people on the other’s side. It’s just how America is right now. We will have to deal with it.

    People aren’t arguing with the quote, but arguing with the person who made the quote. That’s called the ad hominem fallacy. If you apply that to Hitler, it becomes the ad hitlerum fallacy, a special variety of the ad hominem fallacy. It’s basically assuming that since a person is wrong on foreign policy, it makes all their other policies like their stance on LGBT rights wrong as well due to that.

    Is the quote accurate? Yes. Is it made by a good person? It’s up to theinvidual to decide that, but even if Hitler were to make that quote, it doesn’t make the quote false by virtue of the person who spoke it.

    Full disclosure: While I’m pointing out the fallacy of what Obama’s character has to do with the accuracy of his quotes, I have never voted for or supported him in any campaigns or elections. I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Republican primary and Bob Barr in the 2008 general election. I also voted for Ron Paul in the 2012 Republican primary and Gary Johnson in the 2012 general election. I’m basically a Libertarian Republican in my political leanings. I intend to vote for Rand Paul in the 2016 Republican primary and Gary Johnson (John McAfee, Austin Petersen, or whomever else is the Libertairan nominee) in the 2016 general election, unless Rand Paul gets the Republican nomination (in case I will vote for him).

    Back to war and foreign policy all candidates, except the Green Party candidates, Libertarian Party candidates and the Paul wing candidates of the Republican Party (who together represent dove politics as opposed to hawk politics), will support foreign interventions, nation building, the war on Terror, etc as well as drone strikes et all. All thre Democrats support drone strike against suspected enemy combatants, war against IS, Iran nuclear deals, sanctions against Iran, two state solution, Syrian refugees, ending the embargo on Cuba, more troops in Afghanistan, etc. Hillary Clinton also supports enlargement of NATO, funding the Syrian Rebels, no fly zone in Syria, Paris Agreement, etc.

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